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Improve Your English Through Sustainable Development Goals

Teach knowledge, skills and values for solving interconnected global problems such as climate change, unsustainable use of resources and inequality.

Why teach the Sustainable Development Goals?

Teaching the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to students can help them understand the importance of protecting the environment and preserving resources for future generations. It can also help them understand the interconnectedness of different global issues and how their actions can contribute to creating a more sustainable world.


Learning the SDGs provides a global framework for addressing the most pressing challenges facing humanity, including poverty, inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation.


Teaching students about the SDGs helps them understand their role in creating a more sustainable and equitable world.


Knowing the SDGs provides a common language and set of goals that can be used to guide discussions and decision-making on a wide range of issues, both in the classroom and beyond.


Learning about the SDGs helps students develop critical thinking skills, as they must consider the trade-offs and challenges involved in achieving these goals.


The SDGs offer a holistic approach to sustainability that takes into account the interconnectedness of economic, social, and environmental issues.


Teaching students about the SDGs can help inspire them to take action and make a positive impact in their communities and the world.


The SDGs provide a framework for curricular integration, as they can be incorporated into a variety of subject areas and grade levels.


Understanding the SDGs can help students become informed and responsible global citizens, who are equipped to make informed decisions about the world around them.

How our product works

Learners are directed to think about problems, understand the source of the problem, seek solutions and make informed decisions to reach a solution.

The Globals strengthens the ability to make social changes and to support efforts to protect the world and nature with individual and collective actions.

The Globals focuses on cognitive and socio-emotional development and targets to improve better behaviour towards the world while practicing English.

The Platform

The Globals is a unique platform that combines education and action to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the medium of English. We understand the importance of learning about these global issues and the role we can play in addressing them. That's why The Globals is designed to be an interactive and engaging experience for users of a wide age range and different backgrounds.

Student's View

Students can complete goals, track their needs map targets and compete with their friends.

Track Their Target

Each student has a target to donate. They can track and spend their jupas accordingly.

Contribute & Support

Students can collect and spend their jupas within the app by purchasing; wheat, toothpaste, rice, educational items etc...


Students are given certain tasks to complete within the app so they can challenge themselves.


Support your school, campus or students based on data

School Progress

Track your school progress with different data points

Goal Completion

Track your campuses with different data points to have a better performance insights

School Progress

Track your school progress with different data points

Learning Managemet System

Teachers track and review student work easily.

Goal Progress

Track your classes' individual progress

View Individuals Progress

Track individual students' goal completion.


Track top performing students in your campus or school and reward them.

Happy People

Don't take our word for it. See what teachers are saying about us.

““During this crucial period where sustainable development demands urgent attention for the future of the planet and its people, the education of students for a better world is of utmost importance. The innovative digital hybrid program, "The Globals," with its inspiring and discussions, immersive video content , greatly aids our students’ language acquisition progress. With its multi-perspective approach and functional features, this unique tool is an exceptional resource for enhancing language skills and undoubtedly meets the needs of tomorrow's global citizens.””

Berna Tamusta

Doğa Schools

Head of Department, Highschool

“The Globals has been a game-changer for me. It's not just an English practice platform; it's a gateway to understanding and addressing the world's most critical issues. The interactive approach, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals, has opened my student’s eyes to the urgency of global challenges. They’ve not only gained language skills but also a deep sense of responsibility. They’ve taken part in impactful community projects, thanks to The Globals. It's not just education; it's empowerment for a better world.”

Ajlan Abudak

Eksen Schools

Head of Department and Global Schools Program Advocate & Mentor

“As a Global Schools Advocate, educating about the Sustainable Development Goals is my duty and personal priority. I search for the most effective tools for my students to disseminate the core principles to them and move together beyond words into action. The Globals is the unique platform that provides the pedagogical framework to any teacher who wants to internalise the ESD in a given curriculum with a multi-disciplinary approach. It also gives 21st century soft skills training alongside SDG learning. As a user, I cannot think of any other well-prepared path to educate my students for our common goals of humanity.”

Damla Dönmez

Mektebim Schools

Head of Foreign Languages

What do the Sustainable Development Goals mean?

The sustainable development goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015, provide a framework for addressing the interconnected challenges of economic development, social well-being and environmental protection. They aim to achieve a balance between meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Why is Sustainability important?

Sustainability is important because it helps to ensure that we have access to the resources we need to survive and thrive, such as clean air, water, food, and energy.

It also helps to protect the biodiversity of our planet, which is essential for maintaining the balance of ecosystems and providing a wide range of benefits to human society. Additionally, sustainability is important because it promotes social justice and equity, by addressing the root causes of poverty, inequality and discrimination.

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